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Support for Small to Medium Size Business

Our services are specifically tailored to the small to medium size business who are unable to justify there own IT Department due to costs. This leaves your time free to concentrate on running your business. Customer Service is a bye word at Bricknall’s PC Services Ltd and our aim is to provide you with the best service at the best price. As part of our Small to Medium Size Business package we offer a monthly PC Health Check Service. This is where we come in once a month at a time to suite you and health check all your PC’s making sure they have the latest updates and are performing as they should be. Do your computers or laptops need upgrading? We can offer a consulting service, visiting and surveying your site and advising on a plan of action. We can supply new hardware and software. Please contact us for further information on how we can help your business. Not seeing something listed above? Then please contact us as we are here to help and most probably can offer the service you require.

Support for the Private Individual

We can offer you a wide variety of PC Support Services. For example installation and configuration of a Router and the Internet, right through to a PC Health Check. If your PC or Laptop is suffering from any of the issues above or something similar then please call us and we will advise. We can offer you the complete PC upgrade Service, right from advice and installation to New Operating Systems/Software to installation of Graphics Cards. Some of the upgrades that can be carried out are as follows:- If you cant see the upgrade listed above you require please give us a call and we can advise.

Hardware Sales

We can supply you with a new Laptop or Desktop. We don’t just sell you the PC or Laptop and leave you to set it up yourself. We will thoroughly test the new machine to make sure it is working correctly, install any additional software, install any Anti-Virus software, apply all Windows updates and delivery and install the Laptop or PC on your Network all at no extra cost. Please contact us for a quotation.


Do I need to take out a Office 365 subscription or is one of Google’s Services a better Solution? Is Adobe Photo Shop the best option for photo editing or is there another cheaper solution I should be considering? Just a couple of the questions we get asked regarding software. We are able to advise on what would be the best software solution for your needs and can provide you with prices and install and configure the software for you. Business Software advisor, offering industry leading software solutions.

Cloud Solutions - Hybrid Working

Are you’re looking to reduce costs and physical assets, whilst increasing space and the ease of user interaction, migrating to the cloud could be the right move for you. Cloud computing allows you to work from any location at any time, meaning you can implement a Hybrid Working Solution where some of your staff are working remotely. Using a Solution like Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace means you are getting hosted emails with out the outlay on expensive hardware to run Microsoft Exchange, this being taken care of in the Cloud. This also means you don’t need to worry about making sure the program is patched up to date for example meaning you have more time to get on with what matters to your business. It is not just e-mailing and calendars that can be cloud based everything from Accounts and CRM right through to data storage and VOIP Phone’s from RingCentral. A variety of video calling applications are also available like Microsoft Teams, Google Meetings and CISCO Webex. Lots of these cloud-based solutions can be linked into to your mobile phone or tablet meaning you have all the relevant data right at your fingertips. Why not contact us today and see how a Cloud Solution might help your business.

Custom Built PC’s

Are you looking for a custom build PC for gaming purposes? If you are we are able to advise on what components to use in the machine and put it together for you. Are you thinking of building a Custom PC yourself? If you are then we can help you every set of the way. We can advise you on the best components, and can walk you through the build set by step. Why not contact us today and see what we can Custom Built for you.
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Some of Our Services:- On-Site Call Outs Remote Support Installation of Network Project Management Cabling Advising on Cloud based Solutions Data Recovery Advise on which Operating System/Software would suit your needs. Setting up and supporting Smart phones and Tablets.
Is your computer suffering with one of the following:- Virus, Malware, Spy-ware or Browser Hijacking issues? Problems booting? Forgotten Password? Lost Data? Wifi Issues? Sound Issues? Graphics Issues? Slow to Start up? Over heating? Printer fault? Blue Screen of death?
Installation of more RAM. Installation of new Graphics Card. Installation of new or additional Hard Disk. Installation of new Motherboard. Installation of CPU. Installation of new Power Supply Unit.
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