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Bricknall’s PC Services are pleased announce a new Web Design Service called Bricknalls Web Design Services. Authors and Designers of the Award Winning Cavalier and Chevette Club Website which won Outstanding Website of the Year 2016 at the National Car Club Awards 2016. For more information on how they could help you please click on the following link:

New Services Launched.

Two brand new services by Bricknall’s PC Services have been launched part of the The Gadget Guru area of services these are called Connected Car Guru and Smart Home Guru. Kevin Bricknall from Bricknall’s PC Services says “With the advent of more technology in car’s and the home becoming more smart, it can be a mine field for consumers to get the most out of there technology. With this in mind we have launched these two new services to help the consumer in these two areas.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has become a big thing the last few years. With the release of the Samsung Galaxy VR, Google Daydream and the Playstation VR there has not been better time to purchase yourself a basic Virtual Reality System. Moving on from the basic systems you can also purchase something like the HTC Vive or the Occlus Rift. Microsoft will also be launching there Hololens system shortly as well. with this in mind Bricknall’s PC Services have been looking into this field for sometime now and are pleased to say that they are now able to offer Virtual Reality support be it for the Plasystation VR right through to the all singing all dancing HTC Vive. Please click on the Virtual Reality link above for more information.
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